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Our History

Northern Burner has been in operation for over 55 years. Ray and Alina Waterhouse bought the business in 1973 when it was on the corner of Pearl and Fore Streets, in the heart of the Old Port when that section of town was still a vibrant trade hub. In 1975, they moved to 114 Preble Street to accomodate the space and parking needed for a growing company. In 1982, Northern Burner finally found its current resting spot at 185 Washington Avenue. There is a lot of history in this building. Initially, the structure housed an electric car barn which stored trolleys on the Portland-Yarmouth line. Then, it was home to a Model T Ford dealership and, subsequently, a trucking terminal. In 1987, Ray and Alina's daughter, Lori Waterhouse Erwin and her husband Tim began working at NBS. On Jan. 1st 2007, after 34 years, Ray and Alina turned the business over to their daughter who continues the fine tradition that has made Northern Burner so successful.